Profile: BeagleBoard Organization

Julien Eid


We chose the Beaglebone organization as lots of us have used either one of their products or a similar product like the Raspberry Pi. It's a really cool company that has lots of potential for helping people get really cool embedded projects off the ground.

Organizational Details

  • Texas Instruments is a Publically Trading Corporation
  • Originally founded as Geophysical Service Incorporated (1930)
  • Founded as Texas Instruments (1951)
  • GSI Founders:
    • John Clarence Karcher
    • Eugene McDermott
  • TI Founders:
    • Cecil H. Green
    • J. Erik Jonsson
    • Eugene McDermott
    • Patrick E. Haggerly
  • All the founders are dead


Social media

Communications channels

Conference Participation

  • Beagleboard maintains a list of conferences as well as what was presented here. Slideshows
  • Typically the conferences have to do with embedded Linux applications and the talks are given by various people in the Beagleboard community.
  • Some of the conferences they have presentations at are:
  • Embedded Linux Conference
  • Maker Faire Bay Area

Community Architecture

  • Provides a kernel for BeagleBoard and BeagleBone devices
  • Repository is large enough that it defies analysis
  • Encorporates the Linux kernel
  • Large number of contributors as a result, but few pull requests for the repository itself
  • This repository's main differences are the BeagleBone specific drivers, etc
  • Documentation for submitting patches is from the original Linux kernel
    • Uses upstream changes, but non-upstream contributions must be BeagleBone-specific
  • Hierarchical, one component of mainline Linux development

Callaway Coefficient of Fail

  • Hard to apply to OSHW projects as much of the code written specifically for the project are spread throughout forks of other projects.
  • Source Control
    • Public (Github +0)
    • Webviewer (Github +0)
    • Source control tool (Git +0)
  • Communication
    • Announce releases (Newsletter, Github +0)
    • Bug tracker (Github +0)
    • Website ( +0)

Bus Test

  • The GitHub organization only has 4 people on it. Fail.


Beaglebone Boards

  • Beagleboardorg has created several "boards" that are typically used in embedded Linux applications.
  • Their current most popular board is the BeagleBone Black which is based off of an ARM chipset and runs Linux.
  • The BeagleBone Black can be expanded by things called "Capes" which are attachments that can provide various additional functionality.
  • Their older boards are the BeagleBoard, Beagleboard XM, and the BeagleBone.
  • Over the years due to embedded technology getting better, their products have gotten cheaper and more powerful.